Maggie Boozer, resident of Mexico Beach, FL. The end of 2012 was worrisome and unsettling for me. I had come to a fork in the road—somehow knowing that it was now or never for getting healthy and fit. The decision to walk the path of better health was mine and mine alone. It surely has proven to be the best decision of my life. I made it with the thought in mind that I would commit to “whatever it takes”; of course, I really didn’t know what that meant or entailed.


I saw an ad posted in the Mexico Beach post office for yoga through mexicobeachflyoga.com. I contacted Tammy and began class January 4, 2013. My first experience was walking 30 minutes on the beach (easy) and then the real shock—I couldn’t do much of anything. Tammy modified and modified so I could participate but it was hard. My thought process became, “so this is living whatever it takes.” I continued classes and at the same time, we decided private sessions might be helpful.

photo (2)

I could do down dog. I could do nothing that required any balance or any core strength. My year has been one step at a time—consistently moving forward. You can see from pictures that one short year later and about a million hours of not always so fun working out, I am strong and able to work towards perfecting poses and or holding poses. The reward is overwhelming, humbling and exciting! Not too much longer and I’ll be standing on my head (a long time Bucket List wish).

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My journey has NOT been being on a diet. I do consider the pros and cons of what I put in my mouth now. By following the Liver Cleanse several times and making good choices, I have lost 20 pounds this year as well as reshaping my body. I continue to work out every morning at 6:00—without fail.

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I have a few physical restrictions (not caused by exercise) that are being monitored by the appropriate medical doctors. Tammy works around these. At my age, the fear of injury is monumental. However, the stronger I get, the less I worry.

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Take the Wellness Challenge. Use it to jump start the first phase of what stands to become the order of the rest of your life! I did and I’m setting and meeting goals each month—my hope of entering the last 20 years or so of my life healthy and strong is becoming a reality.